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We look to create a welcoming and inclusive environment — online and in-person — for the community we serve. To aid in this effort, our Board of Trustees has created a set of policies for our staff and community. These policies are regularly reviewed and updated as needed.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 970-686-5603 or drop us a note.

Bookmobile Policy

The bookmobile is a branch of the Clearview Library District and operates under district policies, as well as those listed below. In addition to weekly scheduled stops, the bookmobile will participate in major community events whenever possible to promote the Library District and the resources, programs, services, and activities available for people of all ages. One-time visit requests are considered on an individual basis considering the below criteria.

Check Out Information Policy

Total Limit of 50 items per card.

3 Weeks: New and old kids books, old books, CDs, Audiobooks - with 2 renewals.

2 Weeks: New adult books, CDs, Audiobooks - with 2 renewals.
2 week checkout with 2 renewals.

New Movies (All Formats)
Limit of 4 new for 1 week checkout with 2 renewals.

Old Movies (All Formats)
3 week checkout with 2 renewals.

Collection Development Policy

The Collection Development Policy of the Clearview Library District is intended to guide staff and inform the public of the principles on which the district bases its collection development decisions.

Intellectual Freedom

The collection of the Clearview Library District is intended to serve the diverse needs and interests of the community and therefore contains a variety of materials representing a broad range of subjects and viewpoints. This is in keeping with the library’s mission to Cultivate Curiosity. Enlighten the Mind. Strengthen the Community.

Emergency Closings Policy

The Clearview Library District is a service organization and will make every effort to maintain regular operating hours. The director or designee will decide if situations, such as hazardous weather, unsafe facility conditions, or other emergency conditions, may necessitate closing the library or cancelling bookmobile stops and will determine the duration of the closing. The Library Board of Trustees President will be notified of closings.

Facilities Policy

The Clearview Library District will provide library service in locations that are convenient and accessible to district residents, with an understanding that location is to be based on both current and future needs. Determination of the approach to providing said services will be based on:

Interlibrary Loan Policy

Clearview Library District provides Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to patrons as a service to supplement its on-site collection with materials available from libraries within the state and surrounding states. In addition, the district seeks to share its collections with those we borrow from in a reciprocal manner.

Open Records Policy

Open Records requests within Colorado are governed by the Open Records Act, (C.R.S.24-72-201 et seq. (“CORA”) within the Colorado Revised Statutes and other applicable sections. The Clearview Library District is subject to and will meet the requirements of current state law regarding open records access.

Access, process, and the handling of Open Records Requests by the Clearview Library District is determined through the library district’s Open Records Access Procedure.

Public Art Policy

In order to enrich patrons’ library experience, the Clearview Library District provides space to display paintings, photographs, and other works of art in district facilities. The space is made available on an equitable basis to all local artists. Artwork is selected and curated by district staff or designee(s).

Artwork is selected using the following criteria:

Social Media Policy

Posts to the Clearview Library District social media sites will generally be reviewed and responded to during the regular business hours of Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Clearview Library District reserves the right to delete comments containing: