We strive to be as open and transparent as possible, and will meet the requirements of state law regarding open records access. It’s our policy to make all public records available for public inspection at reasonable times in accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act (§24-72-203 C.R.S.).

To submit a request, please complete the Request for Public Records form, and deliver it to the Windsor-Severance Library (720 3rd Street, Windsor, CO) or email it to the library director.

Requests received after the close of business will be considered to be received on the next business day.

We’ll respond to requests within three (3) working days whenever possible. If extenuating circumstances apply, the Director (or designee) will notify you that delivery may be delayed up to seven (7) working days. We’ll also notify you if the requested documents are not available, reside with another agency, or if the records are not covered by CORA.

Our Process

Available Information

Some information, by statute, cannot be provided. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Patron records and borrowing information
  • Personnel information
  • Attorney client privileged information

Responses to requests will include information currently in our possession. Responses to requests will not routinely include the restoration of our systems that may be available on backup tapes or other means of disaster recovery.

Additionally, responses to requests will not routinely include data that is automatically created, stored, or retained on an individual computer or on network equipment or servers, such as email metadata that is not otherwise imprinted or stored as part of the visible content of an email message, logs, web traffic statistics, browser cookies, browser cache, server logs, browser history, or firewall logs.



For a Paper Copy

  • 8.5 x 11” — First five pages free, $0.10 for each page after the first five pages
  • 11 x 17” — $0.25 for each page
  • Greater than 11 x 17” — Fee not to exceed the actual cost of reproduction

For an Electronic Copy

  • If the record exists in electronic format — $1 for a CD (if required) + data compilation time
  • If the record had to be scanned — $1 for a CD (if required) + data compilation time
  • If the record had to be printed and then scanned — $1 for a CD (if required) + data compilation time + paper copy fee

Data Compilation

The fee for compiling requested information will be:

  • One hour or less — $0
  • More than an hour — $30 per hour
  • We will provide a cost estimate, and may request that you pay all, or a portion, prior to compiling the information.

Research By Requesting Party

Independent research is allowed provided that:

  • The record sets to be researched do not include privileged documents or documents not otherwise subject to public disclosure.
  • The research is supervised to avoid loss or damage to records. Staff time spent on supervision shall apply as listed in the Data Compilation section above.
  • The research does not unduly disrupt the day-to-day activities of the organization.
  • The records / documents being researched are returned to the files in the same order as when they were removed.

Postings, Promotional Materials, Displays, and Exhibits Policy

Clearview Library District makes limited, designated space for community flyers, notices, posters, displays, and exhibits available to Clearview Library District nonprofit organizations, agencies, and individuals engaged in intellectual, charitable, civic, cultural, educational, or recreational activities in the library district. The purpose of the designated space is to promote current or seasonal information about events and initiatives sponsored by or benefiting these organizations, agencies, and individuals, which in turn serves to benefit the community.

Posting or displaying such materials by the district does not indicate district endorsement of the ideas, issues, or events promoted by these materials.

All materials must be submitted to district staff for posting and display.

  1. Materials that have not been submitted for approval will be removed.
  2. Priority is given to organizations located within the library district. If space permits, materials from northern Colorado organizations, outside of the library district, will be considered.
  3. The district assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection of the submitted materials.
  4. Commercial advertisements / promotions, events, or materials for businesses or for-profit organizations will not be permitted, with the exception of an event that a business is sponsoring or co-sponsoring for a nonprofit organization.
  5. The following items may not be posted or distributed in the library:
    1. Advertisements of personal services or products sold for profit
    2. Religious tracts
    3. Petitions
    4. Job postings
    5. Rental announcements
    6. Campaign literature

Adopted April 24, 2014. Revised February 25, 2021.