In order to ensure a fair opportunity for public comment and to allow the Clearview Library District Board of Trustees to expedite its scheduled business, the following procedure for public comment is in effect.


  • Each speaker is limited to three minutes, unless otherwise authorized by motion and approval of a majority of the trustees.
  • Speakers are required to sign their name and address on the sign-in sheet.
  • Speakers are required to state their name and address before addressing the board.
  • Speakers will address comments only to the board as a whole and not to individual trustees, administrator, or staff;
  • Speakers are encouraged to not repeat previous comments and just agree with previous speakers.
  • The presiding officer may poll the audience on a speaker's comments to speed up public comment.
  • Trustees will listen to public comments, but generally do not respond except to ask clarifying questions.   
  • Trustees will generally not answer questions or engage in debate during the public comments period.  
  • The presiding officer may direct staff or other sources for responses to questions raised during the public comment period. The presiding officer cannot direct any comment to trustees.
  • Total public comment time allotted will be for the first 20 public speakers, unless waived by an approval of a majority of trustees. Priority will be given to district residents, followed by the order they signed up on the sign-in sheet.
  • The board will always accept written public comment, and those comments will be filed with the board’s meeting notes.   Written comments must include the name and address of the individual addressing the board.

For all public comments, the presiding officer will enforce the rules. 

General comments:

A public comment period will be provided at all regularly scheduled library board meetings to comment on any topic not on the published agenda. The goal is to give the public a chance to address the board. The following additional rules will apply:

  • The speaker must ONLY speak about Items not on the published agenda.
  • A speaker may only speak one time for General comments.
  • After the public comment period, any trustee may request a topic be put on a future agenda. With majority approval, it will be placed on the schedule.

Agenda topic comments:

For items on the published agenda that are scheduled for a vote that are not pro-forma (e.g. meeting agenda, budget, et c.), the presiding officer will offer time for public comment on that topic after the staff presentation and before trustees begin deliberation. The following additional rules will apply:

  • Speakers will ONLY make comments on the agenda item being discussed.
  • Speakers will register their desire to talk with the board’s presiding officer before the meeting and on the agenda item(s) they wish to address.
  • Speakers are given only one time to speak per Agenda topic
  • Trustees MAY during their deliberations bring a speaker back up to further discuss and debate their comments.

Adopted October 13, 2022