The Clearview Library District offers a full range of library services to all residents of the community, regardless of age, disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ancestry, or economic status.

Our patrons have certain expectations of the library. These include an outstanding collection of library materials; pleasant, attractive surroundings; and courteous, efficient, and effective service provided by a well-trained staff.

The library strives to provide an environment free from harassment, physical discomfort, danger, and psychological stress for both patrons and staff.

Severe Misconduct

The following behaviors are prohibited and will be cause for immediate removal from library district facilities and a suspension of library privileges for one year. The incident will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Open carrying of firearms and weapons; carrying a concealed firearm without a concealed firearm permit issued by the State of Colorado or a permit to carry a concealed handgun or a concealed weapon that is issued by a state that recognizes the validity of permits issued pursuant to the laws of Colorado.

  • Sexual misconduct, such as exposure, offensive touching, verbal comments, or unwanted sexual advances to patrons, volunteers, or staff.
  • Possessing, using, or being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • Stealing, damaging, or altering any library property, including any computer equipment, systems, or software. The library reserves the right to inspect all bags, purses, briefcases, packs, computer bags, and coats.
  • Identity theft.
  • Verbally or physically harassing, abusing, or threatening other patrons, volunteers, or staff.
  • Any behavior that is prohibited by law.

Serious Misconduct

While in library district facilities, please be courteous and refrain from disruptive behavior. Any behavior that interferes with the use of library facilities by others may be grounds for removal from library district facilities. This is not an all inclusive list.

  • Loud talking, shouting, screaming, or other loud noises 
  • Excessive public displays of affection.
  • Pushing, running, shoving, or throwing things.
  • Using obscene or abusive language.
  • Smoking of any kind. This includes the use of tobacco or tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco; electronic or e-cigarettes; and vaporing or vaping, as well as marijuana cigarettes or pipes within 30 feet of the entrance.
  • Blocking or in any way interfering with the free movement of others.
  • Following staff or patrons around the building or otherwise harassing staff and patrons.
  • Using any device, such as a cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc., with the volume turned up so that it disturbs others. Headphones are strongly suggested.
  • Bringing animals, other than those certified to assist the disabled, into library facilities, except those that are part of a library sponsored program.
  • Soliciting or selling of any kind, unless approved by the library director.
  • Distributing any type of print material or posting ads, notices or posters, not authorized by the director or other member of the management team.
  • Misuse of restrooms.
  • Not wearing a shirt or shoes.
  • Sleeping or lying down in library facilities.
  • Tampering with the arrangement of library materials, which makes locating or using them difficult.
  • Riding a bicycle, a scooter, a skateboard, or any other wheeled vehicle or wearing skates, rollerblades, or other wheeled footwear in library facilities.

Engaging in serious misconduct will result in the following steps:

  1. A staff member will give the person(s) a verbal warning.
  2. If the disruptive behavior continues, the staff member will ask the person(s) to leave the building and the grounds.
  3. If the person does not leave the building and the grounds, law enforcement will be called.

Library district staff are empowered to exercise reasonable judgment in assessing and enforcing the items listed above. This list is not all inclusive, and other behaviors judged inappropriate by library staff may be cause for consequences.

All instances of verbal warning, eviction, and notification of police will be documented and logged by the staff and reported to the director. Repeated offenses may result in suspension of library privileges.

A minor who has been evicted from the building more than twice or whose disruptive behavior has resulted in the police being called, will not be allowed to use the library again unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. When possible, a letter will be sent to the parent or guardian stating this policy. The minor will be allowed to use the library again without parental supervision only after the parent/guardian has spoken with the library director or manager where the offense occurred; and then, only at the discretion of that manager or the library director.

A patron may appeal a suspension decision to the library director by filing a written appeal within 10 days of the incident. The director has the discretion to reduce a suspension. A final appeal may be made to the district’s Board of Trustees in writing.

Adopted September 25, 2014. Revised and adopted September 29, 2016. Revised and adopted July 29, 2021.