The Clearview Library District serves all residents of the community and is very happy to provide an inviting, safe space where the children of our community are able to experience all that the district has to offer.

District staff are not expected to provide care and supervision for children or other persons in need of constant attention. The parent, guardian, or caregiver is responsible for monitoring the activities and regulating the behavior of children or other persons requiring supervision during their library visit.

In the event that a staff member is concerned about the welfare or safety of an unattended child, an attempt to contact the caregiver will be made. If staff is unable to contact the caregiver, local law enforcement will be contacted to assume responsibility for the child. The district takes no responsibility for the safety and welfare of children left unattended at district facilities.

Staff members are not permitted to give children a ride home. For the safety of the child, staff will not leave a child under 10 outside to wait for a ride. If a parent cannot be reached, law enforcement may be called to escort the child home.

Children who are disruptive in the library, or on library grounds, interfere with district services for everyone. The district holds children to the following standards of behavior while in the library and in programs:

  • Children will respect and listen to staff.
  • Children will respect their space and the space of others, keeping their hands to themselves.
  • Children will clean up after themselves.
  • Children’s behavior will be appropriate for a library setting.

If attending a library program or event, children will be attentive and actively participate.

If a child is unable to follow these standards of behavior while in a district facility or attending a district program, he or she will receive one verbal warning. If the disruptive behavior persists, the child will be asked to leave the district facility or program for the day. The staff will contact the parents or caregiver. If the disruptive behavior continues on future visits, the child may be banned from the facility or program for an extended period of time. The Children Services Supervisor or Public Service Manager will determine the time period for suspension of visits after evaluating the severity of the offense. Parents will be notified that their child has been banned from the district.

The following behaviors call for immediate removal:

  • Theft or the destruction of property.
  • Bullying or harming another person.

Parents or guardians will be notified. Local law enforcement may be notified.

Parents of caregivers may appeal a suspension decision to the library director by filing a written appeal within 10 days of the incident. The director has the discretion to reduce a suspension. A final appeal may be made to the district’s Board of Trustees in writing.

Adopted February 25, 2016. Revised and adopted July 29, 2021.