Help Desk

Do you have a question about how to download e-books? Want to share your experience at the library? Need to arrange Curbside Checkout? Want to suspend your hold?

Give us a call at 970-686-5603, and one of our Customer Service team members will be happy to assist you. If this is an afterhours request or you would prefer to email, fill out the form below.


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Management & Supervisor Team

staff member
Ann Kling
970-686-5603 ex. 302
staff member
Beth Gallinger
IT & Technical Services Manager
970-686-5603 ex. 301
staff member
Casey Lansinger-Pierce
Public Services Manager
970-686-5603 ex. 306
staff member
Heather Montgomery
Children's Services Supervisor
970-686-5603 ex. 304
staff member
Jennifer Bradley
Adult Programming & Collection Development Librarian
970-686-5603 ex. 303
staff member
Katie Northern
Mobile Services Supervisor
970-686-5603 ex. 316
staff member
Nathan Triz
Customer Service Supervisor
970-686-5603 ex. 315