The bookmobile is a branch of the Clearview Library District (the District) and operates under district policies, as well as those listed below. In addition to weekly scheduled stops, the bookmobile will participate in major community events whenever possible to promote the District and the resources, programs, services, and activities available for people of all ages. One-time visit requests are considered on an individual basis considering the below criteria.

The service schedule of the bookmobile is continuously evaluated and stops are determined by the following criteria, though exceptions may be made depending on the circumstance.


All bookmobile stops must be located within the District service area (Weld RE-4 School District boundaries).

The bookmobile may not add a stop if a nearby stop already exists or if it is within three blocks of traditional library service, unless it meets a specific outreach goal.

Open and Free Access

Stop time and location must be able to be advertised/promoted by the library and will be listed on theDistrict’s website. The area must be open and accessible to the general public. The bookmobile does not stop at private residences.

Adequate Parking

All stops must have a parking area with a visible spot large enough to accommodate the bookmobile and allow safe entrance and exit from the bookmobile by patrons.

Patron Use

The District reserves the right to cancel a stop should the number of patrons utilizing the bookmobile drop below a sufficient number to justify the service. Stops will be evaluated as to their priority level considering outreach target groups. The following criteria will be used to evaluate current stops:

  • Consistent usage of services
  • Participation level
  • Circulation over a specified period of time
  • Consistent return of library materials


Stops must be easily integrated into the schedule. Sufficient staff and resources must be available to add the stop.

Stop Cancellations

Bookmobile stops may be canceled due to:

  • Extreme weather that potentially risks the health and safety of staff and patrons
  • Hazardous driving conditions
  • Maintenance, updates, and repair

Updates and changes to the schedule will be posted to the library website and Facebook page.

The District reserves the right to cancel a stop that does not meet the stated requirements and change the stop schedule as needed.

Adopted January 30, 2014. Reaffirmed April 27, 2023.

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