The Clearview Library District will actively pursue co-location when such an opportunity is the most efficient and cost effective way to provide library service to a currently underserved area of the district. Co-location occurs when library service is provided from a space in a facility in which other entities also have their own designated space


A. The following criteria, listed in alphabetical order, will be used by the Board of Trustees to assess an existing facility as a potential site for co-located branch library or neighborhood service location:

  1. Accessibility: The site will be easily accessible by car, bicycle, public transportation, and/or on-foot. The site will provide for a high degree of personal safety for people entering and leaving the building, especially at night. Natural or man-made barriers should not impede access to the site.
  2. Availability: The time required to acquire and renovate the space, if necessary, will not negatively impact the proposed project timeline.
  3. Community Opinion: The co-location space will be one that will be acceptable to the residents in the projected service area of the proposed branch library.
  4. Convenience: The co-location space will be close to the geographic and/or traffic center of the area to be served.
  5. Legal Matters: The district will be able to negotiate a co-location agreement without incurring significant legal costs.
  6. Parking: The location will allow for adequate onsite parking for library users and library staff.
  7. Renovation Cost: The district will be able to remodel and/or renovate the space as a branch library or neighborhood service point without incurring significant additional costs.
  8. Size and Shape of the Library Space: The space will allow for the creation and operation of an efficiently designed branch library or neighborhood service location. Ease of access to possible shared amenities, such as restrooms, meeting rooms, etc., should enhance, not detract, from customer satisfaction.
  9. Visibility: The site will be visible from major streets, and the library service point will be visible within the shared facility.

B. In the event that two or more existing facilities are considered to be almost equal when the ten (10) criteria above are considered, then the following criteria, listed in alphabetical order, will be considered to be of higher priority when determining which site should be selected.

  1. Adjacent Uses
  2. Community Opinion
  3. Size and Shape of the Library Space
  4. Total Cost to Renovate or Remodel the Existing Space, including the projected annual cost of operation

C. Co-location opportunities will be considered with retail outlets, community services, and organizations, such as a municipal office building, community center, recreation center, senior center, health clinic, retail center, supermarket, or other locations where all segments of the community will willingly go.

Adopted January 29, 2013. Revised and adopted March 25, 2021.