As of March 1, 2019, we are unable to accept donated materials on behalf of the Clearview Library District Friends and Foundation due to insufficient storage space.

The Windsor-Severance Library will still maintain the small shelf of books for sale in the entrance as items are removed from circulation. Magazines less than two years old can be placed in the entrance’s exchange bins.

Do you have books you’re looking to re-home? Here are several local organizations that may help:

Local Libraries

Thrift Stores

Book Drop-Off

Used Book Stores

  • 2nd & Charles | 4417 Corbett Dr., Suite 100, Fort Collins, CO
  • Bizarre Bazaar | 1014 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO | 970-484-1699
  • Eclectic Reader Books | 1119 West Drake Road, Unit C-18 | Fort Collins, CO 80526 (Call to make an appointment: 970-223-4019)
  • Midnight Oil | 827 10th St. | Greeley, CO 80631 | 970-673-8675

Donations by Mail


Online Donations or Trade ins