The Clearview Library District is committed to providing quality service to all district residents. To ensure that service is provided in an effective and efficient manner, the Board of Trustees will establish and observe guidelines related to the provision of library service.


  • The district will operate library facilities in locations where residents frequently and willingly go.
  • The district may provide library service via the bookmobile in accordance with the Bookmobile Policy.
  • The district may provide library service in leased or donated space when it best serves the community.
  • The district may provide library service from co-located facilities. Refer to the policy entitled Co-location of Library Facilities for information on this topic.
  • The district will pursue and deploy various means to deliver service to residents at non-library locations.
  • The district will explore the feasibility of new service methods and material types whenever they arise.
  • If the district operates more than one facility, it is the district’s preference to be open a minimum of 30 hours per week at each location.
  • New facilities will be constructed in accordance with the district’s Facilities Policy.

Adopted February 28, 2014. Revised and adopted March 25, 2021.