The Clearview Library District is a library district formed under Colorado Library Law (CRS 24-90-101 et seq) in 1985. The district is not financially connected with any other library, school, or town, and is funded through dedicated, voter-approved mill levies or bond measures by way of residential and commercial property taxes.

Each year, the Library Board-approved mill levy is certified by the Library Director to Weld County. Our district is currently funded by a 3.546 mill levy to support operations.

Mill Levy Timeline

  • 1985: Windsor Severance Library District formed at 1.5 mills
  • 1995: Voter-approved tax increase (1.740 mills, 0.93 bond)
  • 2001: Voter-approved mill levy increase NTE 3.546 mills (1 mill increase) and TABOR 2 prevention (“de-Bruced”)
  • 2011: Third Street building is paid off four years early (0.93 bond sunsetted)

Financial Documents