5 Ways the Library Can Help with Homework

The Clearview Library has a vast array of resources to help your children with their homework, school projects, papers, and more. 

“Library staff are resource experts,” said Public Services Manager Casey Lansinger-Pierce. “Let us know what your child is working on, and we'll find the most age appropriate / skill-level appropriate resources for them to use!”

Utilize these great resources to help support classroom learning and projects:


Newspapers.com Gives Online Access to Historical Papers

The year is 1882. Subscribers open the Fort Collins Daily Evening Courier on June 19 to learn more about local hailstorms, a cyclone in Iowa, a march from Mexico, and a broken ankle from a street car.

Step back in time to explore daily life with Newspapers.com Library Edition. This extensive database provides online access to more than 4,000 historical newspapers, from the early 1700s to the 2000s.