Statement from the Clearview Library District Board


Concerning the Property located at 392 near Hollister Lake Rd, Windsor

In 2016, the Board of Trustees of the Clearview Library District authorized the purchase of 5.76 acres of land on Main St. near Chimney Park Rd., Windsor, using reserve funds. The property was designated as a site for a future regional library. In 2017 and 2018, the Library District put mill levy increase initiatives on the ballot to finance the construction and the operation of a 38,000 sq. foot regional library. Neither ballot measure passed. In 2021, as part of a long-range planning process, the Board of Trustees drafted and approved A Plan For the Future Facilities Plan, which specifies the usage of the land:

The district looks to maintain ownership of the property at the intersection of Main Street and Chimney Park Drive. While there are no immediate plans for this property, it may benefit future collaborations for potential shared facilities or a cultural campus. CLEARVIEW LIBRARY DISTRICT FACILITIES PLAN, PAGE 26

Given that the library district has previously pursued a library on this property, along with the designation in the Facilities Plan, Colorado Law restricts the Library Board’s ability to list, market, negotiate and sell that property to private entities (such as a commercial grocer) without altering the facilities plan and classifying the property as “Surplus”. 

Earlier this summer, at the behest of the Town of Windsor, members of the Library Board met with a realtor associated with the grocer looking to build a supermarket complex on the northwest corner of the intersection of 392 and Hollister Lake Rd. The library district’s land is included in the parcel. Members of the Library Board attended those discussions in good faith, and with an open mind, explored options regarding a possible sale of the property. It was at that point that the Board was advised by the library district’s attorney regarding the laws summarized above and the challenges that arise when considering non-solicited offers for strategic library property. At a special meeting of the Library Board held on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, the Library Board voted unanimously to not declare the property as surplus. (Recording of Aug 9, 2023, Special Meeting)

Planning for a future regional library will become essential to accommodate the continued growth in the communities that comprise the Clearview Library District. In 2016, the Library District and the Town of Windsor conducted a thorough study with the help of a consultant of 6 possible locations for a regional library and selected the best option at the time. To preserve the goals outlined in our facilities plan, the library district requires a plot of land on or near a major artery road, in a location near the heart of the library district’s population. During the 2021 long-range planning process, the Library Board identified potential locations for branch libraries, refreshing their understanding of the costs and challenges in finding suitable sites for library district growth. Any sale of the library land should enable the continuation of those goals.

The need for another supermarket in Windsor is not lost on members of the board. However, the role of trustees is to do what is best for the library district first; as well as creatively collaborate to find a solution that is best for Windsor and the other communities that make up the Clearview Library District.

It is important that we, as a community, engage in conversation over this matter, with opportunities for input in this important dialogue. The Board and Director welcome your feedback and suggestions and can be reached through email at:

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