Request for Proposal for Naming Convention, Logo Design, and Branding Refresh


The Clearview Library District is excited to announce the release of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”). This RFP is issued to provide naming convention, logo design, and branding refresh for the library district.

Submit all responses via E-mail as attachments to Ann Kling, Director,

Deadline for Questions: Friday, June 16, 2023.

Below are the questions we have received from potential consultants, along with our responses:

Q: Could you please provide us with this initiative's budget range?

A: Our preferred budget for the three projects mentioned in the RFP falls within the range of $20,000 to $25,000. Ideal candidates will include a breakdown of expenses related to the individual projects in their proposal.
We welcome consultants to propose any additional expenses they deem necessary for these projects. We will evaluate all expenses outlined in the submitted proposals against state, national, and industry benchmarks. This comparison will provide us with valuable insight into the competitiveness and feasibility of the proposed expenditures.

Q: Do you have a database of email addresses, cell numbers, or another way of reaching out to residents in Windsor, Severance, and West Greeley for the purpose of sharing information and online surveys?

A: The Clearview Library District databases contain patron contact information, including email addresses and cell phone numbers that can be leveraged for communication purposes. In addition to providing a means of sharing information, these contact details can also be used to conduct online surveys that provide valuable information. 

Q: Are you willing to work with an out-of-state agency that would be limited to online meetings/focus groups?

A: We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with out-of-state agencies, provided that specific conditions are met. It would be ideal for the main consultant overseeing all three projects to visit our area for an in-person perspective of the population demographics of the districts we serve. A thorough grasp of the demographics is crucial to these projects' success, particularly when it comes to the naming of the library branches and the design of the logo. We also request that the consultant present their findings to our board in person. To handle focus group work related to naming conventions, coordination with Library District's administrative team assigned to these projects for virtual options, or appointing a consultant representative to engage with the public in person at the respective events would be suitable.

Q: Is there an expected number of community input sessions that you’ll want to see?

A: As per research, the recommended number of focus group participants ranges from five to twelve. Notably, we are seeking participants from Windsor, Severance, and West Greeley districts that we serve. To summarize, ideally, we would welcome around eight to fifteen focus group participants from each district to attend the naming conventions. Effective marketing strategies to solicit public input are crucial, and we would greatly appreciate consultant collaboration on outreach methods. 

Q: What date do you plan to announce the award?

A: We anticipate announcing the award in July 2023.


Deadline for Submission: No later than Monday, July 3, 2023, 5:00 pm.

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