Staff Spotlight: Sarah Willenbrecht


Each month we spotlight one of the friendly staff faces you’ll run into at the Windsor-Severance Library or on the bookmobile.

Hometown: Right here in Windsor, CO!

Interests: I love music, swing dancing, and playing card games. I'm also a huge fan of outdoor sports like volleyball and snowboarding!

Favorite Book: It's hard to pick a favorite, but I'd say More Than This by Patrick Ness, or Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

Preferred Superpower: Mind reading, 100%.

Favorite Author: Terry Pratchett.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Red River, NM.

What three people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?: David Tennant, L. M. Montgomery, and my younger sister.

Favorite Quote: "The forest of Skund was indeed enchanted, which was nothing unusual on the Disc, and was also the only forest in the whole universe to be called -- in the local language -- Your Finger You Fool, which was the literal meaning of the word Skund.

The reason for this is regrettably all too common. When the first explorers from the warm lands around the Circle Sea travelled into the chilly hinterland they filled in the blank spaces on their maps by grabbing the nearest native, pointing at some distant landmark, speaking very clearly in a loud voice, and writing down whatever the bemused man told them. Thus were immortalised in generations of atlases such geographical oddities as Just A Mountain, I Don't Know, What? and, of course, Your Finger You Fool." - Terry Pratchett, The Light Fantastic

Job at the Library: Customer Service Specialist