Staff Spotlight: Our Bookmobile


A new month means a new Staff Spotlight! As of November 2022, our Bookmobile, named Lucy, has been with the library district for 12 years! In honor of Lucy's anniversary with us, this month's Staff Spotlight is dedicated to her. Get to know BOMO Lucy by checking out these fun facts.

To put the size of our BOMO into perspective: It weighs 25,000 lbs - the equivalent of 50 full-grown grizzly bears. It is 28 feet long - about the length of an Orca Whale.

Cool camouflage: It is all white underneath its specially designed wrap.

Full speed ahead: It has 3 power sources besides the engine: backup batteries, a generator, and solar power collectors located on the roof.

All the bells & whistles: It is built on a school bus frame and is fully equipped with an iPad, TV, microwave, fridge, sound system inside and out, and solar panels. However, it does not have a restroom.

A special celebration: Keeping with the spirit of National Library Outreach Day, we celebrate Lucy with our own Bookmobile Day event every year to honor all that she does in the community.

So much to see, so much to do: It holds 2,000-2,500 items on board.

The whole is greater…: It circulates approximately 1,500 items per month, 7% of what the Windsor-Severance Library circulates.

Our most frequently asked question is, “How do we decide what to stock on our shelves?” Our answer: The latest and greatest (and new) items and what we know our patrons want!

Our regulars: Children are our primary patrons. In addition to providing children with books and movies available onboard the BOMO, we also work toward cultivating curiosity and stimulating their imaginations by offering crafts, games and puzzles. 

School stops: The BOMO provides services to school children in the Weld RE4 district by bringing subject-specific books to the school libraries. Teachers and/or librarians can contact BOMO staff to let them know where they are short on reading/research materials – we try to fill their library’s gap on our next visit to the school.

From one stop to another, Lucy facilitates community connections and connects patrons with resources and the library district! You can find the BOMO's schedule and more information on our website.