Cookbook Nook: Mug Cakes - Chocolate by Sandra Mahut


Mug Cakes Chocolate Book CoverThe allure of chocolate mug cakes: These quick and easy recipes tempted us, perfect for one (or two if you're feeling friendly).

Why This Book

Indulge in some delicious treats for a sweet occasion with these mouth-watering mug cake recipes featured in Mug Cakes - Chocolate by Sandra Mahut. They make a perfect Valentine’s Day treat! Each recipe makes enough for one or two people and can easily be prepared in under five minutes without needing an oven. Cakes vary in flavor and ingredients and are best served warm. These treats are perfect for warming your heart on Valentine's Day and ideal after a chilly February day. The great news is they are simple enough to make, so you can easily fit a recipe (or two or three, no judgment here!) into your busy schedule. 

What We’re Trying: Nutella Mug CakeCup, eggs, baking powder, and chocolate

We love the chocolate, nutty flavor of Nutella, and due to its creamy nature, it makes a great ingredient in chocolate cake. With an extra spoonful of Nutella in the center of the cake, this gooey, warm treat went perfectly with a glass of milk and cozy pajamas.

  • Simple ingredients - No extra trip to the grocery store is needed! We found all of the necessary ingredients in our pantry.
  • No leftovers - We are still trying to reach our new year's health goals. These mugs are great for a Valentine’s Day treat with no leftovers.
  • Microwaves - Microwave cooking is quick and easy but can also be unpredictable. To avoid overcooking or spills, we recommend cooking in 45-second increments.
  • Pairs great with a movie - We recommend enjoying this treat while watching a movie! Kanopy and Hoopla offer some great entertainment options!

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Cup of chocolate by a windowMeet the Author
Sandra Mahut is a food photographer and has authored several baking cookbooks and food publications across the UK and France. She describes her photography as “instinctive and playful but above all generous like [her] cooking.” From her studio kitchen near the 20th arrondissement of Paris, Sandra enjoys testing out various recipes and taking photos of her edible creations. She is passionate about decorating and frequently searches garage sales for new, trendy ideas. Sandra’s other books, including Unicorn Food and Batch Cooking, have been translated into English.