Cookbook Nook: Milk Street: Cook What You Have by Christopher Kimball


Milk Street Cook What You Have Christopher-KimballWhy shop when you can use what you already have: This cookbook uses ingredients you are likely to have already and alternatives in case you don’t.

Why This Book

The arrival of spring is a great time to clean out the kitchen and use the food you already have! Christopher Kimball's Milk Street: Cook What You Have cookbook features 225 unique recipes with alternatives for many ingredients. From those canned foods in your pantry to the extra eggs in your refrigerator, there is a delicious recipe for almost anything!

What We’re Trying: Chipotle and Cumin Egg SaladCooking ingredients on a counter

This is an excellent recipe for the upcoming spring holidays! With a delightful combination of eggs and herbs, this is a treat for gatherings of all ages. No special trip to the grocery store is necessary!

  • Just 30 minutes - A great recipe to make quickly the morning of an event or gathering or directly before eating it!
  • Easy to customize - This book provides four variations of the same egg salad recipe, so you can add the ingredients you enjoy. Add toasted bread for a delicious crunch!
  • Key Tips - This recipe is very spicy; if you don't enjoy a lot of spice, we recommend using more mayo! 
  • Need some music? - Cooking and cleaning are so much more fun when you're dancing! You can explore over 18 million songs for free through the library using Freegal Music!

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sandwhichMeet the Author

"Christopher Kimball's Milk Street is changing how we cook by traveling the world to learn bold, simple recipes and techniques. Adapted and tested for home cooks everywhere, these lessons are the backbone of what we call the new home cooking. We are located at 177 Milk Street in downtown Boston, site of our editorial offices and cooking school. It also is where we record Christopher Kimball's Milk Street television and radio shows and is home to our online store, which curates craft food and cookware products from around the world." - By the Publisher 

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