Cookbook Nook: Halloween Cookbook by Betty Crocker


Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook CoverA Spooky Twist to a Family-Friendly Cookbook. Whoosh goes the wind, out go the lights; Halloween treats make this season bright!

Why This Book

Even as an adult, the holidays provide excellent reasons for seasonal celebrations - especially when you have delightful recipes to try out! From drinking “lemon slime punch” to serving mini “cheese pumpkins,” the Halloween Cookbook by Betty Crocker offers clever twists to bring a taste of spooktacular flavor to your everyday meals. 
Cookbook, Oreos, and other ingredients for the recipeWhat We’re Trying: Boneyard Dirt Pops

We are always looking for hand-free desserts to serve at parties, and these are an excellent solution! Easy to make and fun to serve with decorative sprinkles and various flavors. These dirt pops are a go-to treat for any social gathering!

  • Only Three Ingredients - Oreos, candy melts, and cream cheese are all you need to make these delicious dirt pops!
  • Great for Halloween parties - These dirt pops are eaten off popsicle sticks and can be served at room temperature.
  • Customizable filling - We used two flavors, mint and pumpkin spice Oreos. Both worked perfectly to create a delicious treat with minimal changes to the original recipe.
  • Key Tips - We recommend separating the cookies and frosting until after the cookies have been crushed. Reintroduce the frosting when adding cream cheese. This will make the cookies much easier to move from the food processor to a mixing bowl.

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Meet the Author
With more than 75 million cookbooks sold since 1950, Betty Crocker is the name readers trust for reliable recipes and innovative ideas. For 100 years, Betty Crocker has provided advice to millions of Americans through cookbooks, magazines, and the Internet. More frightfully delicious Betty Crocker recipes are available here.