Cookbook Nook: Christmas Cookbook by Southern Living


Christmas Cookbook by Southern LivingA cookbook full of holiday joy: From holiday menu prep to easy gift ideas, this book will help you plan a fantastic holiday with your friends and family.

Why This Book

When choosing our recipe for the December blog, we searched for a cookbook that provided a wide range of delicious recipes and made it easy to prepare large meals. The Southern Living Christmas Cookbook accomplishes just that by offering helpful tips on prepping in advance and making dishes ahead of time, ready to reheat right before the meal. There is even a party-planning timeline and a blank holiday journal that you can make copies of when visiting the Windsor-Severance Library!

Brownies in ovenWhat We’re Trying: Holiday Brownie Cupcakes

The holiday season provides the perfect excuse to try new baking recipes. We are always looking for delicious treats that are easy to make and taste amazing. These cupcakes are chocolatey with a tinge of cranberry that is reminiscent of delicious holiday meals. Easy to make with only 16 minutes of prep and four ingredients, this recipe is excellent for a mid-winter treat.

  • Chocolate and cranberry deliciousness - The addition of cranberry juice in these brownies adds a light note of fruit that pairs well with the chocolate.
  • Decorate or enjoy plain - Cupcakes can easily be turned into beautiful masterpieces, but these brownie cupcakes have so much flavor there is no frosting needed.
  • Everyone will enjoy this recipe - Kids will love the chocolate, and adults will enjoy the more complicated flavor in this simple recipe.
  • Key Tips - If you’re making these cupcakes into one large cake, like we did, you may need to add extra cooking time.

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Brownie and pine needlesMeet the Author
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