Cookbook Nook: The Blue Zones American Kitchen by Dan Buettner


The Blue Zones Kitchen Book CoverHealthy can be delicious with this cookbook: Dine the same way the happiest and healthiest communities in the world do by following these 100 recipes.

Why This Book

Trying recipes from around the world is both fun and educational! In this month's featured cookbook, The Blue Zones American Kitchen, author Dan Buettner not only provides a wide variety of flavors but also claims that, based on research, these ingredients and cooking methods may increase your lifespan and your mental health. The Blue Zone lifestyle may not be everyone’s diet of choice, but it is definitely an enjoyable one, with recipes ranging from mushroom dashi to horchata. Who knew that eating healthy could taste so good?Cup and strainer

What We’re Trying: Horchata 

As summer begins to heat up, we are looking for an easy-to-make and delicious drink to help cool down. This Costa Rican version of horchata requires only a few ingredients and can be served hot or iced.

  • Rice, Spice, and sugar - This recipe requires only rice, spices, and sugar, making it budget-friendly and delicious.
  • Have it your way - Adjust the sugar and cinnamon levels to personalize the flavor. Then, choose to serve this beverage over ice or heat it up. Having options is perfect for the often unpredictable Colorado weather.
  • Compliments spicy dishes - This beverage pairs well with spicy dishes such as those topped with Chilero Hot Sauce.
  • Living healthy - Interested in conducting more research  on health and science? Clearview Library District provides resources to help you find research articles, science journals, and more.. Click here to get started!

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Meet the Author

Cup of horacha“Dan Buettner is an explorer, National Geographic Fellow, award-winning journalist and producer, and New York Times bestselling author. He discovered the five places in the world – dubbed blue zones – where people live the longest, healthiest lives. His articles about these places in The New York Times Magazine and National Geographic are two of the most popular for both publications.

Buettner’s work is now spread across the country in partnership with municipal governments, large employers, and health insurance companies to implement Blue Zones Projects in communities, workplaces, and universities. Blue Zones Projects are well-being initiatives that apply lessons from the blue zones to entire communities by focusing on changes to the local environment, public policy, and social networks. The program has dramatically improved the health of more than 5 million Americans to date.”
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