Split Road

We’re faced with two large challenges: having the physical capacity to serve the growth of the district’s service area that has occurred in the last 20 years and meeting the demand of the considerable projected growth. In short, we’re playing catch up in terms of having the physical infrastructure to serve a district of this size.

It was our desire to tackle both the short and long-term needs of the district — looking at individual challenges and the district’s needs as a whole. To do this, we reengaged the Long-Term Planning Committee in January 2020 to understand how to best approach this task, and in April 2021, the Board of Trustees approved “A Plan for the Future,” a short- and long-range facilities plan that begins to address the current needs of the district over the course of the next 10 years.

Short-Term Solutions

In weighing the ability to meet our most pressing needs within our financial realities, as well as position the district for future success, three solutions rose to the top:

  1. Construction of a Branch in Severance
    In partnership with the Town of Severance, we look to expand services in this high-growth area of the district by building a branch of approximately 10,000 square feet. Acquisition of an Existing
  2. Property for an Administrative Hub
    To maximize efficiencies and support a multi-facility service model, an administrative / central services hub is needed.
  3. Renovation of the Windsor-Severance Library
    While opening a Severance branch will potentially aid in reducing some of the capacity issues the Windsor-Severance Library is experiencing, it does not eliminate all of the identified challenges. To extend the useful life of the building, maximize efficiencies, and address needs, a renovation is planned.

The Board of Trustees intends to investigate these projects further and potentially complete them over the course of the next four years, as finances allow.

Long-Term Solutions

In addition to short-term action to relieve immediate needs, we look to position the district for future success in the face of exponential growth.To do this, the Board of Trustees will continue work in three main areas: 

  1. Future Facilities
    If projected growth becomes a reality, a large regional library will be needed to provide adequate services to the residents of the district. The Board of Trustees will begin working on the feasibility of a regional library as the district grows and the needs increase. Based on current construction estimates and projected revenue, it is highly likely that taxpayer support on a mill levy or bond would be needed to fund both the construction and operation of such a facility. Additionally, it is anticipated that high areas of growth in the south / southeast portion of the district would need service support in the way of a branch or neighborhood location.
  2. Existing District-Owned Property
    We look to maintain ownership of the property at the intersection of Main Street and Chimney Park Drive. While there are no immediate plans for this property, it may benefit future collaborations for potential shared facilities or a cultural campus.
  3. Shared Facilities and a Cultural Campus
    In order to keep pace as much as possible with our service area growth, the Board of Trustees will continue to engage in conversations with area partners on co-located / shared facilities and a cultural campus / hub in the Town of Windsor. These conversations have been initiated, but may take years to fully develop.
Current Status

The Board of Trustees continues to make progress on the short-term solutions:

  • A building for central services has been purchased at 1194 W. Ash Street in Windsor. Renovation will begin in 2022.
  • An Intergovernmental Agreement is underway with the Town of Severance on the new Severance Branch project.
  • Wember, Inc. (owner’s representative), RATIO Designs (architect), and Fransen Pittman (construction manager at risk) have been hired to complete work on all three short-term projects: Windsor-Severance Library renovation, central services hub renovation, and the Severance branch new construction. Planning is underway.