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Local author spotlight

Lorrie Wolfe


Holding: From Shtetl to Santa: Poetry and Prose

From a grandmother’s journey that “begins with believing you can walk/ with knowing if you pick up one foot/ you can put it down again” through a mother’s eulogy ending “in that room where time rested/ and held its breath/ and then/ began again,” Lorrie Wolfe‘s poetry and prose travel 5,000 years, ranging from the biblical exodus from Egypt, through Ellis Island, to the present “where I can practice having more than I need,” and right up to her current marriage to Santa Claus. Lorrie’s writing shows us that by holding on to our dreams, families and heritage, we can all be participants in “tikun olam,” the healing of the world.

Mountains, Myths, and Memories: A Poetry Anthology - Edited by Lorrie Wolfe and featuring the poetry of 8 northern Colorado writers

Lorrie Wolfe is both editor and a contributor to this beautifully illustrated anthology. The eight poets appearing here are all are informed by Colorado, by its mountains and rivers, and by long life experience here. “The pleasure of reading the work of local poets is to experience how they-reinvent the language.. Wit, longing, confusion, tragedy, the tensions and triggering moments of everyday life, the satisfactions of home and family are all in here.” ~Bill Tremblay, author of Walks Along the Ditch

Going Deeper: 5 Poets Share Their Journey

Lorrie is one of five northern Colorado poets in Going Deeper, an anthology published in 2017. With a variety of styles and themes moving from nature and the human connection to animals, to what it means to be “home” all over the world, these 75 poems are accompanied by photographs taken by the poets and their families. Edited by Kurtis Tilley and Lorrie Wolfe.

More information about Lorrie and her books can be found at, directly from Lorrie, or from copies of Lorrie’s books available for check-out in the Library.

About the Author

Lorrie and her husband moved to Windsor the week of the tornado 10 years ago. “Like many families, we had no electricity for days. But every home had a candle in the window. What I found was an endless supply of generous hearts, steady hands, and a will to rebuild as a community. It was a great introduction to Windsor.”

Lorrie is passionate about the power of words to unite and move people. Her award-winning work has appeared in many journals and books. Lorrie was named Poet of the Year at the Ziggies Poetry Festival in Denver for 2014-15.

She is a graduate of C.S.U. When not writing poetry, she enjoys her grandchildren, quilting, and live music. Lorrie maintains her own business in Windsor, Wolfe Unlimited, providing editing, technical writing, and consulting on non-profit organizational development.

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