Request for Proposal – Owner’s Representative

The Clearview Library District Board of Trustees seeks Owner’s Representation / Project Management services for three projects, which are anticipated to run concurrently, as follows:
Item 1. The study, design, construction, and opening of a new district branch library of approximately 10,000 sq. ft.
Item 2. The renovation of the current library at 720 Third St. in Windsor
Item 3. The renovation of an existing office building as a central services hub for the library district
We invite you to offer us your qualifications and a quotation.
The projects are:

A new, approximately 10,000-square-foot library, designed for future expansion. The location is tentatively in Severance on County Rd. 74.
Renovation of the library at 720 Third St. to include an expanded children’s area, a re-design of the entrance and adjacent areas, fireplace area, small meeting rooms, staff space, and new outdoor space.
Renovation of an office building to include office space, storage space for materials, common space for processing of materials, workspace for IT staff, and meeting room space.

Services will include the performance of all tasks leading to the planning and completion of the three projects. It is estimated that the total cost of all three projects is $8.5 million, which includes purchase of property, design, construction, furnishings and equipment, and other related costs.
A Scope of Services can be found below.
We intend to hire an Owner’s Representative / Project Manager prior to contracting with one or more architectural / interior design firms. The Project Manager will work closely with the architect(s) during all phases of work.
The Owner’s Representative / Project Manager will work with the Clearview Library District Board of Trustees, architect(s), a planning committee and staff to develop building designs which incorporate our anticipated future public library needs at an affordable cost to construct and operate.
If you wish to be considered for this project, please submit a proposal by May 26, 2021.
All proposals will be reviewed by the Long Range Planning Committee for feedback. Staff will make a final recommendation to the Board of Trustees, who will approve any contracts. The projects are contingent on the district obtaining financing, obtaining an intergovernmental agreement with the Town of Severance, and on the purchase of an existing office building as a support service center. All three contingencies are currently in process.
We appreciate your potential interest in this project. If you have any questions regarding the process only, please contact Ann Kling, Director, Clearview Library District at 970-686-9955 or email Proposal authors are encouraged to visit the Clearview Library District website at to view documents that provide background to this project.
We look forward to your response.
Scope of Services

Assist in architect and contractor selection, and in developing and reviewing contracts for potential architects and contractors.
Prepare a comprehensive project budget or budgets.
Serve as main contact with contractors and subcontractors.
Assist in preparing bid documents for all phases of design and construction, including, but not limited to, building construction, interior furnishings, telephone system, and security system. Evaluate proposals received, and prepare contracts.
Work with the Town of Severance to manage site preparation, including surveys, soil testing, grading, traffic planning, and building permits.
Work with the Town of Windsor on permitting for the renovation of the central services building.
Incorporate “green” building concepts into the new / renovated facilities to minimize costs and maximize efficiencies.
During the schematic design phase, review design documents for conformance to building program, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and town requirements.
Interpret blueprints and specifications.
Estimate and monitor construction costs.
Review and approve preliminary and final construction schedules.
Supervise construction activities.
Manage the construction technical support activities of the design and engineering firm(s), including the following:
a. Review and approval of drawings.
b. Technical review and approval of material submittals and samples.
c. Resolution of technical questions that may arise during construction.
d. Review and approve change orders, subject to District’s approval.
Inspect construction work to determine compliance with the drawings and specifications.
Ensure compliance with regulations.
Meet regularly with the Building Projects Committee.
Resolve questions that may arise during construction.
Maintain construction and inspection log.
Maintain permanent project files. Record construction progress with photographs.
Ensure that the builder maintains a set of as-built drawings and specifications.
Advise district on resolution of claims and disputes.
Coordinate the bid process for acquisition of furniture, equipment, and other services.
During the construction phase, review and approve furniture and equipment drawings submitted by vendors to determine conformance with the building program.
Prepare and maintain a furniture and equipment purchase and delivery schedule, and monitor the performance of vendors against that schedule.
Manage the installation of furniture and equipment.
Review invoices for furniture and equipment, and recommend their dispositions to the district.
Perform the punch list inspection in conjunction with the design and engineering firms, and recommend to the district the approval of the issuance of the Certificate of Substantial Completion.
Ensure that the corrective work described on the punch list is completed, recommend to the district the approval of the issuance of the Certificate of Final Acceptance and approve the final payment to the builder.
Review the progress payment requests of the builder and recommend their dispositions to the district.
Be available to give presentations to the district Board of Trustees, civic groups, government officials, and funding agencies.
Assure that the building conforms to the original intent of the district.
Coordinate moving of collection and staff into new facilities.
Prepare final report on budget and schedule performance.
Obtain all operating and maintenance manuals and related close-out materials.
Conduct post-occupancy evaluation 10 months into the new facilities.

Your response to this Request for Proposal must include:

Name, address, phone, fax, and email of the firm.
Type of organization (individual, partnership, corporation or other).
Principles of firm, length of association and a concise statement of general background.
The professional resume of the individual(s) who will be the Owner’s Representative / Project Manager.
References / completed projects. Please identify at least three completed public library and / or comparable projects, which the project manager has done individually or collectively within the past 10 years, which best represent your present level of ability to manage two projects of this scope, simultaneously.
1. Brief description of project and date of completion
2. Gross square feet
3. Cost of construction and / or interior modifications and furnishings
4. Design architect, project architect, interior designer
5. General contractor, contact person, and phone number
6. Client contact — name, position, address, and phone number
Current and anticipated workload of team member(s).
Describe the firm’s experience in cost estimating and the management of project budgets. Provide a complete list of completed projects from the past five years, showing final construction cost estimate, bid accepted, percent bid was over or under the estimate, and the percent related to change orders.
Two short essay questions — one page or less.
1. What value have you added to similar projects, such as improved functionality, cost savings, etc.? Why should you be selected?
2. How would you assure that the building is completed by the end of 2022?
Anticipated fees and reimbursable expenses with a “not to exceed” estimate of the total cost.

Failure to respond within the published time window and any incomplete answers to the points above will make your proposal to be considered non-responsive and not considered for award.
Timeline for Selection

May 7, 2021: Advertising of the Request for Proposal
May 17, 2021: Submit all questions in writing to on or before May 17. The district’s response to all questions will be posted on the library website.
May 26, 2021: Closing date for receipt of Request for Proposal.
June 24, 2021: Evaluation of qualifications, Long Range Planning Committee recommends Owner’s Representative / Project Manager to Clearview Library District Board of Trustees.

Acceptance / Rejection of Quotation Statements
The Clearview Library District Board of Trustees intends to award a contract to the firm that best satisfies the design and project needs of the library. This request for proposal does not commit the Library Board of Trustees to award a contract or share in the expense of preparing a statement of qualifications.
The deadline for the receipt of one (1) presentation of the completed statement of quotation signed by an officer authorized to make a commitment for the firm, and one (1) electronic copy to be emailed to is 5 p.m. May 26, 2021.
Please submit to: Ann Kling, Director, Clearview Library District, 720 3rd St., Windsor, CO 80550, 970-686-5603,
Issuing Office
This Request for Proposal is issued by the Clearview Library District Board of Trustees.Questions & Answers