Kids shoveling dirt at a groundbreaking.

Severance Library RenderingBackground

The third phase of the library district’s facilities plan is to build a branch library in the northern part of our district. The Library Board approved a land purchase contract from the Town of Severance on October 28, 2021. Additionally, the Town of Severance authorized the property purchase for Clearview Library District on December 19, 2021.

On January 18, 2022, the library district purchased property to build a branch library directly west of the Town Hall in Severance. Members of the library board and administration, Ratio Design, Fransen Pittman, and the Town of Severance representatives worked together to develop building plans for the 10,000-square-foot facility. 

In 2022, the library district organized two Town Hall meetings at Severance Town Hall, the first to gather community input and the second to present the new library branch's building plan and site plan. The district answered questions and worked toward the approval of the site plan by the end of 2022. 

On May 9, 2023, the Severance Town Council unanimously approved the site plan for the library branch in the Town of Severance. Construction of the library branch commenced on May 22, with a Groundbreaking Ceremony. The Clearview Library District's new branch in Severance will offer state-of-the-art facilities, resources, and more programming opportunities for patrons. The new library branch in Severance is expected to open in February 2024.

How is the library in the northern part of the district being funded?

The bulk of the construction costs are being funded by a lease from Glacier Banks, which the library district obtained early in 2022 at a fixed rate of 2.09%. The remainder of the funding will come from the district’s reserve funds and a $500,000 grant from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs. There will be no increase in the library district’s mill levy at this time.

January 2024

As we kick off the new year, progress continues on the new library branch. Landscape irrigation had been initiated, and in-ceiling utilities and ceiling grids had been completed. Painting was in full swing, while window installation had already begun. The remaining door frames were expected to arrive soon, along with the necessary hardware. Exterior metal siding, cabinet installation, and bathroom tile work were all in progress. The mechanical and electrical contractors were onsite. A gas hookup and mechanical system startup had been scheduled with Xcel Energy. The concrete work had nearly reached completion, with only the pouring of the children's play area pending, subject to weather conditions. Despite weather-related delays impacting the northern wall siding progress, the asphalt repair was successfully finished. The flooring had been nearly completed, with only sealed concrete areas and the walk-off mat in the vestibule remaining. The electrical work was on track to be completed with the installation of ceiling grids and tiles. Progress was steady, and we were eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the finished space in the near future!

December 2023

As we approach the end of the year, we're happy to report that the new library branch project is on track for completion in spring 2024. While there was a brief delay in shingle installation due to a minor issue with the flashing and fascia, it was resolved. On-site progress updates include ongoing installation of exterior soffit, drywall, electrical, and mechanical systems, as well as the addition of an outdoor patio. We are thrilled to announce that the fireplace and door frames have been installed. During mid-December, stonework was delivered and set for the building's exterior. The bathrooms have been prepped for tile installation, and we're excited to see the project moving forward.

November 2023

In November, overhead doors were installed in both the Children's Area and the Large Meeting Room. Additionally, play stump logs for the Children's Outdoor Area, a delightful landscape feature, were delivered. Currently, ongoing progress includes electrical and mechanical installation, along with drywall installation.

Interior of building construction work and workers

October 2023

Several noteworthy milestones were achieved on the inside of the facility. The installation of door and window frames was completed successfully, the ceiling has been expertly insulated with spray foam, and electrical and plumbing work within the walls is well underway. Additionally, asphalt has been poured in the bookdrop lane, parking lot, and a portion of the road between the library branch and Town Hall.

Interior construct of a library

September 2023

The walls are up, the wooden framing is complete, and it's truly exciting to witness the building finally coming together! The siding and window mock-up offers a delightful preview of its charming exterior. Although not captured here, the front porch will serve as the perfect space for programs and simply enjoying the wonderful ambiance.

Construction of library branch in Severance.

August 2023

The construction progress of the Library Branch in Severance included earthwork/grading and pouring the concrete slab. A Sign-a-Beam & Touch-a-Truck event allowed community members to sign a beam, which will be a part of the building's structure (this beam will be located in the Children's Area). Several beams were installed recently, making the library branch structure visible.

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July 2023

A lot has happened since the library district broke ground on May 22, 2023. The first step was to prepare the soil in order to build a library on it. Water had to be added and the soil compacted to ensure that the building would not shift once built. Testing was done to be sure that everything was done right. Footers were installed and concrete was poured. If you stand by the fence and take a look, you can now see the outline of the building. Pretty cool!