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Policies & FAQs

    • To get a library card, present a photo ID with your current address on it. If your ID does not have your current address on it, you can bring in any of the acceptable forms of proof of current address. Your first library card is free, however a replacement card costs $1.50. A parent or guardian must sign for children under the age of 14.

      • Our hours are 9-8 Monday through Friday, 9-5 on Saturday, and 1-5 on Sunday.
      • You can view a list of our regular closures here.
      • If you would like to pick up items after hours, you can call ahead and ask us to place them in an overnight locker. The lockers are accessible in the drive through 24/7 for the duration of your hold, which is 5 days.
    • You can search the catalog by title, author, subject or more advanced options as well by typing in your search term in the catalog. If no results are shown, check your spelling etc. Otherwise it means we don’t own a copy of that item. Unless it is a new release (within 6 months) you can request an interlibrary loan. If it is a new release within 6 months you can suggest a purchase and the library will assess whether or not to buy a copy for circulation.

    • Your PIN is a 4-8 character password specific to you/your account. If you forget your PIN or don’t think you ever made one, a staff member can reset it for you at any time. You can do that by calling the library at (970) 686-5603 or by coming into the library.

    • We can always reset your child’s PIN so that you can view their account on your own, however because of privacy laws we cannot tell you which items are checked out on their account.

      • Begin by logging in to our website using your library card number and PIN. Enter the item in the search bar and click on the “Place Hold” button beneath the title of the item. Once you specify which item you would like to place a hold on and where you would like to pick it up, click on the “Submit Hold” button.
      • You can also put a hold on an item at the library with our catalog computers using the same steps mentioned above, or by asking a staff member to assist you.
        • Note that some items in the catalog are not physical items, but rather electronic downloads. You can’t place holds on electronic resources directly through the catalog, instead you will need to log into the respective website by clicking the link “Sign in for availability” and entering your login info.
      • You can interlibrary loan an item on our website through Colorado SWIFT. To login, you must use your library card number, PIN, and library location (Clearview Library District). Once you log in and find the item you are looking for, click the “Get it!” button on the far right side. This will prompt the site to show you your requested item so that you can finalize your interlibrary loan request.
      • You can also place interlibrary loans at the library by filling out a simple form with your information and the item you’re requesting.
      • There is a designated holds shelf at the front of the library. It is located to the left when walking through the front door. Holds are placed alphabetically by your last name and held for 5 days. Interlibrary loans are placed alphabetically by your last name and are kept directly above regular holds.
      • You can also request to have your holds send to the bookmobile for pickup.
      • If you would like to pick up your items after hours, you can call ahead and ask us to place them in an overnight locker. The lockers are accessible in the drive through 24/7 for the duration of your hold, which is 5 days.
      • We can notify you in a variety of ways, just let us know your preference. Options include:
        • Text message - provide your mobile number and service provider
        • E-mail
        • Telephone
        • You can also check your account online to see if anything has arrived.
    • Yes, and thank you! Currently we don’t accept donations of VHS movies or cassette tapes (or any other outdated media formats). Please read our material donation policy before bringing them in.

    • Once the items are checked in, even if you receive a prompt that the item is on hold for another patron, please place them in one of the three book drops located near the self-check machines. Note that videogames will not check in on the self-check machines and must be placed in the drops or handed to a staff member to return them.

      • We will! You can call us at (970) 686-5603, select option 1 to renew, and leave a message telling us your name, phone number, and which items on your account you would like to renew. If there is an issue, we will call you back. If not, you can assume that the item has been renewed.
      • You can also renew items through our website (mobile-friendly) by logging into your account under the “My Account” tab, using your card number and PIN. Once in your account, click on the “View Loans” button. This will show all of the items checked out on your account. Under each item is a button that says “Renew Loan.” If the item you are trying to renew has a hold on it or if it has been renewed twice already, it will not allow you to renew the item.
      • You can also renew items in person at the library on our self-check machines by choosing the “Account” feature, or with the assistance of a staff member.
      • All library events and programs can be found on our online calendar. You can filter what you see, or change the layout of the calendar to better find an event to suit you. Not all events require registration, but if they do you can do so in the event description by clicking on the event in the calendar. After successfully registering you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
      • Note that program registration requirements are generally due to amount of materials available for the program and/or space allotted for the program.
      • Self-released printing: You are able to add credit to your library account and self-release print jobs from the print release station by the copier. First, give the money you want added to your library card to the staff member at the front desk. You can then ‘send’ print jobs to the print release station and self-release the print jobs by scanning your library card again, it will charge your credit account at a rate of $.10 per black and white page and $1.00 per color page.
      • Pay as you go: Once you hit the print button, the computer will give you a message saying that your print job has been received. Then pay the staff member at the front desk at a rate of $.10 cents per black and white page and $1.00 per color page. Staff will release your print job upon payment and it will come out of the copier for you to pick up.
      • You can easily connect to our printing system from your portable computer and use any of the payment options normally available when printing from Library computers.
      • From the library website towards the bottom of the home screen there is an icon labeled “wireless printing”, click on that icon and you will be directed to a page that has the auto-installer for you to link to. Choose the link that applies to your computer. Leave the EnvisionWare box open on your computer until you are finished printing.
    • In a library of this size we are always trying to get more wonderful things for you enjoy, sometimes this means we have to move things around a bit. Don't hesitate to ask staff for help.

      • Of course! You can pay with a credit card from home by signing into your account, or at the library at one of the self-check kiosks.
        • To pay your fines with a credit card from a computer; sign into your account from the library home page with your library card number and PIN. Select Account activity and then the fines tab located on the left. Follow the steps to enter your credit card information.
        • To pay your fines with a credit card at the library self-check machines; bring the library card that has the fines into the library. At an open self-check machine choose the “Account” option from the main menu, then scan your card. The next screen will have a “Pay Fines” option, click on that and follow the detailed instructions to make your payment.
      • You can set up an EZ Username and EZ Password to log in to your library account rather than using your library card number and PIN
      • Unfortunately, library staff do not have the ability to check or set your EZ Username and EZ Password.
      • To do this, you will need to first log in to your account using your library card number and PIN.
        • Then, on the menu on the left, select EZ Username and EZ Password to set those up.
        • If EZ Username and EZ Password or forgotten, you can use those same links to change them.