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Clearview Library District Building Program: It’s All About the People.

By now you may have heard that the Library Board is planning to build a new library for the Clearview Library District. The new Library will replace the current Library which no longer meets the needs of the growing Windsor/Severance/West Greeley community. The process of building a new Library will be a lengthy one and the Board is in the very early stages. Below is the Building Program for the new Library.

Watch this space for information on the new building as the project progresses.

April 5, 2017

If you missed last night’s meeting, but would like to share your feedback on the amenities and resources you would want a new library to provide, please download this form, and drop it off at the Library.

April 4, 2017

While other public services in our area build for the future, the Clearview Library District is also considering expansion options that will allow us to keep pace with our growing community. Join us on April 4, from 5:30-7pm, at the Windsor-Severance Library to weigh in on a future library for our community.

This meeting will be an opportunity to give your feedback on the amenities and resources you would want a new library to provide. We have hired an architecture firm to draw plans for a library to be located on property we own at Greenspire Drive and East Main Street, near Main Street and Hollister Lake Road. During the April 4 meeting, the architects will share information about the design process as well as the timeline. The Clearview Library District may ask voters to fund a new library through a ballot initiative this November.

We hope to see you on April 4. Light refreshments will be served and childcare will be provided.

February, 24, 2017

Update on a New Library for Windsor, Severance and West Greeley

Barker, Rinker, Seacat was approved as the Design Firm for the new library at the Feb. 23rd meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Clearview Library District. Library Staff and the Board’s Library Design Committee along with Dan Spykstra of Wember Associates will hold a kick-off meeting to discuss a plan of action and timeline for the design of the building on Monday, Mar. 6th. For more information on Barker, Rinker, Seacat, visit their website.

Watch this space for more news about the new Library!

A Message from Clearview Library District Director, Ann Kling: December 21, 2016

The Clearview Library District has served its community for nearly a century. During this time, we have evolved from simply a place where people access popular materials and meet to discuss them, to a place that brings popular materials to the community online and via a bookmobile, and provides a space for children and adults alike to explore, learn, and discover through books and so much more.

If it has been a while since you visited the Library, I encourage you to stop by. You will find that, similar to other public amenities in our area, the demand for our services has grown and continues to grow by the day. Over the course of a month, 25,000 people visit the Library and we are quickly running out of space.

We are running out of shelf-space for resources our library patrons expect, as well as floor-space for the technology they want to utilize. We are running out of space to host popular programs, such as children’s storytimes and adult cooking and crafting events. We are running out of space that meets the diverse needs of our children and senior citizens and everyone in between.

We are not alone in this challenge and are taking our lead from other public services in our area that are building for the future. From a new Rec Center to a new high school in Severance, and the Innovation Center coming to Windsor High School―these projects show just how invested our community is in providing exemplary and modern public services and facilities that benefit citizens and add to our community’s exceptional reputation. These projects have inspired our Clearview Library District Board, staff, and Foundation to imagine what a 30,000-square-foot facility with, for example, state-of-the-art technology, a multi-purpose community meeting room, dedicated quiet space, and a phenomenal children’s area would add to our community.

One of the challenges we face in envisioning a new library is that land was not offered nor donated for the project. Instead, on December 15, 2016, the Library purchased a property located at Greenspire Drive and East Main Street, near Main Street and Hollister Lake Road. We have designated this area as a future library site, large enough to serve Windsor, Severance, and West Greeley and save us the overhead and maintenance costs that would come with multiple facilities.

We have taken to heart the town and school district’s extensive efforts in recent years to seek community input for their projects, and similarly, in the new year, we will invite all Clearview Library District citizens to weigh in. We will take feedback on what amenities and resources you want the new library to provide through a survey on our website and in-person community meetings. We will also be reaching out to our partners in the community (community clubs and organizations, the town and the school district, the faith community, and others) for suggestions on how a new library can serve their needs and for a discussion on future options for the library’s current facility (720 3rd Street), so it can continue to serve the community once we have relocated.

We know that our community values fiscal responsibility just as much as it values exemplary services. We are committed to putting forth a plan to the voters next November that offers the biggest value for the money invested, as well as amenities and services that cannot be found anywhere else in our community. We are intent on adding the greatest value to the greatest number of citizens and community organizations, public entities, and businesses in our area.

We look forward to hearing from you in the new year. In the meantime, please check our website for updates, and if you have comments and questions, send them to

Request for Quotation: October 31, 2016

You can read the Request for Quotation here.

Mindbreaking: February 24, 2016

Check out this article in the Windsor Now on our Mindbreaking event.

News as of Nov. 24, 2015

The Library Board, the Downtown Development Agency and the Town of Windsor have received a matching grant from the Colorado Dept. of Local Affairs which will fund a study of several areas in the Downtown Windsor area and immediately outside the downtown area as potential sites for a new building. Nine architectural firms responded to the Request for Proposal. 3 final candidates have been called for interviews. Once a firm is chosen, the study will begin in Jan. 2016. A decision on purchasing property is expected by mid 2016.

If you have questions about the new building for the Clearview Library District, please contact one of the following people:

Ann Kling, Library Director

Joann Perko, Library Board President

Ian Whittington, Library Board Treasurer

You are also invited to attend the Library Board’s monthly meetings which are held at the Windsor Severance Library on the last Thursday of the month starting at 5:30.

Key components of a 21st century library for the Clearview Library District

A Building That Is:

  • A destination, a place that is welcoming and comfortable for the entire community
  • Large enough to provide services for all ages, 30,000+ gross sq. ft. and expandable to 50,000 sq. ft. or more
  • Wired everywhere
  • Easily accessible wiring
  • WiFi enabled
  • Flexible and can accommodate future growth
  • Sustainable with LEED Certification
  • ADA accessible – exterior and interior
  • Architecturally pleasing
  • Able to accommodate shelving for 200,000 items.
  • Bookmobile Garage, accessible from inside the library.
  • Office space, with a mixture of collaborative areas and quiet areas.
  • Storage space
  • Volunteer space

Indoor Space for Children That:

  • Is visible to all, but soundproofed
  • Has an area for children’s material,  ages, 0-5
  • Has an enclosed early literacy play area for ages 0-5 with room for parents to watch or play with their children.
  • A computer area for children, ages 0-5 with space for parents to work with children or for children to work alone.
  • Has an area for children’s material,  ages 6-12
  • A computer area for children ages 6-12 with space for 2 children or a parent and a child to work together or for children to work alone.
  • A programming room for story time and other activities, should include storage space for equipment, a sink for clean-up, a tile floor.  A kitchenette near the room with a refrigerator, a sink and an oven.
  • Video gaming space, enclosed but visible.
  • Browsing areas for new books, dvds, video games and whatever the latest, greatest new thing will be.
  • Book bins for children’s picture books
  • Memorable feature such as the tree, secret room, etc.
  • Reading nooks so places where kids can be loud and silently read or read with just a caregiver

Indoor Space for Teens That:

  • Is visible to all, but soundproofed
  • Has shelving for the teen book and other materials
  • Has a video gaming area that is enclosed
  • Has computers
  • Collaborative Space

Indoor Space for Adults That Has:

  • Browsing area for popular materials including new books, dvds, video games and whatever the latest, greatest new thing will be.
  • A computer lab for classes as well as a quiet area for adults to use computers
  • Shelving for adult fiction and non-fiction collection.
  • Shelving for magazines
  • Shelving for dvds, blurays, music cds and books on cd
  • Comfortable seating
  • Task seating areas
  • Collaborative space

Indoor Space for Everyone That Has:

  • Self-checkout kiosks
  • Automated materials handling on the outside of the building
  • Holds pick-up area
  • Printer and copier area
  • Information points for children and adults
  • Library Foundation book sale area(enclosed and lockable) and space for giveaways
  • Café space may be used for coffee cart or other food service
  • Electronic bulletin board
  • Space to display art
  • Fireplace with comfortable seating nearby
  • Room for laptop and tablet vending machines.
  • DigiLab for production of sound, video, and other media (dedicated or multipurpose studio spaces/study rooms)
  • Teleconferencing capabilities - probably in a dedicated studio space

Makerspace (or flexible space that can be used for a variety of purposes as library services evolve):

  • Multiple modes of making - small electronics to large wood and metal and materials manufacture/manipulation.
  • Space for tools and workshop space for projects of a variety of sizes.
  • Open and enclosed spaces for small and large group projects.
  • Hand tools
  • larger machine tools
  • cnc mill
  • drillpress
  • 3d printer

Community Meeting Spaces:

  • Meeting room (minimum of 150 people with Wi-Fi, audio-visual equipment, assisted listening system.  Separate entrance, open to the public after library hours with adjacent pre-function space. Storage area.  Comfortable seating that is easy to put up and take down.
  • Kitchen off the meeting room with a refrigerator, microwave and stove.
  • Conference/quiet study rooms (2) able to hold up 10 - 12 people with WiFi and smartboards.
  • Quiet study rooms (6, each for 2-3 people) with Wi-Fi

An Outdoor Space That Has:

  • Parking, 100 spaces, with room to grow
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Signs for easy recognition and good visibility
  • Lighting for security and visibility
  • Waterwise landscaping
  • Outdoor Space that is contained and safe for children’s programming accessible from inside the building
  • Outdoor space for adults to sit and read.