Library Foundation

The Clearview Library District Foundation provides financial support for the Clearview Library District to meet the needs of a diverse and growing population. It established an Endowment Fund to assist with long-term library needs. The Endowment Fund generates income for library programs and wants that extend beyond the library’s yearly budgets. The Foundation provides a vehicle for tax-deductible contributions through its 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt status.

A small percentage of funds raised are dedicated to short-term projects such as the Read and Grow program, Author Event Series, annual Art Show.

Methods of Giving

The Library Foundation accepts gifts given for a specific use or unrestricted gifts . Gifts can be either immediate or deferred, and include cash, tangible personal property, securities, real estate, retirement plan assets, CDs and insurance policies.

We encourage you to consider the form of your gift carefully and to consult with your attorney or accountant before making your contribution.

Volunteers and Board of Directors

The Library Foundation is always looking for volunteers. Contact Louis Beard to volunteer. The Library Foundation coordinates semi-annual Book Sales.

If you are interested in becoming a Foundation Board director, please apply here. Board directors serve three year terms. A director may serve two terms.

2017 Board of Directors

Louis Beard – President
Term expires: 6/4/17

Joyce Johnson – Vice President
Term expires 6/1/18

Debbie Lindahl – Treasurer
Term expires: 6/1/18

Scott Wildman – Secretary
970-686-2213, (cell) 970-488-0010
Term expires: 6/1/17

Jeff Hertzke
Term expires: 6/1/19

Joann Perko
Term expires: 6/1/19

Francy Henderson
970-686-1054, (cell) 970-214-1475
Term expires: 6/1/17