LittleBits at the Tech Table and for checkout + Rubik’s Cubes for checkout!

A littleBits kit is now available for open play at the “Create” tech toy table. According to the littleBits website “littlebits” are for anyone and everyone over the age of 8 who wants to experiment with electronics, make quick electro-mechanical prototypes, or just explore and have fun.” There are project cards on the table to get started with understanding how they work, so you can begin to experiment and build your own electronic contraption! More information on littleBits can be found here:

You can also checkout a littleBits kit that’s focused on making music and synthesizer sounds! This kit is available near the “Create” tech table, with the other tech toy checkout kits, and can be placed on hold by navigating to our catalog here.

We also are now offering Rubik’s Cubes for checkout! If you enjoy solving puzzles, stop by our tech toy area and check out several variations of Rubik’s Cube! Also available to put on hold on our catalog here.

If you have any ideas or requests for technology to add to our collection or for our Makerspace, please let us know by dropping by the library or emailing




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