Who We Are – Outreach Services

bomo-staffThe Outreach Services Department is staffed with hard-working, dedicated individuals who view themselves as the biggest proponents of the Clearview Library. We are committed to bringing outstanding services into the community, either through our AWESOME Bookmobile (a.k.a. The BoMo), or by sending staff to your event.  Come hop aboard the BoMo, say, “Hi!” and check out an book item or two!

Clearview Mobile Library aka The BoMo

Can’t drive? Library is too far? You only listen to books or watch movies? Library isn’t open late enough? We are proud to introduce you to our one year-old baby, our library on wheels – The BoMo! We drive our 25,000 pound Bookmobile into the community beyond the library walls and will visit schools, daycares, senior citizen homes, adult education centers, rehabilitation facilities, businesses, neighborhoods, community buildings and parks.

The BoMo offers almost every service that you would find in the fixed library, including staff book recommendations, computers and programs as well as the ability to check-in/out any of the rotating 2,500 items we have on board. All services are free and available to those with a Clearview Library District card. For those who don’t already have a library card, you can get one on the BoMo! It’s fast and easy!

We Make it Happen –
Partnerships for a Stronger Community

We are always looking for ways to partner with the community and spread library services in both traditional and innovative ways. We are open and willing to teach classes, conduct storytimes to children and adults, lead book clubs, present interactive presentations and bring the BoMo to business or special events. Not sure how it will work? Call 970.686.5603, or email us bomo@myclearview.info, and we’ll make it happen.