Interlibrary Loan

Clearview Library District provides Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to patrons in good standing (under the $15.00 maximum in charges) as a service to supplement its on-site collection with resources available at other libraries.


The preferred way to place an Interlibrary Loan request is to use the SWIFT link on the Library’s website. As an alternative, patrons without internet access may obtain a paper Interlibrary Loan request form at the public service desk. Patrons are limited to seven active ILL requests. Active requests include items requested and items checked out.

Out-of-State Requests

There is a limit of two requests per month per person for out of state materials. Materials obtained from out of state must be scholarly or research materials. There is a charge for this service. (See cost section).

Materials Not Available for Interlibrary Loan

  • Bestsellers
  • E-materials
  • Games
  • New releases (books or media published in the last six months)
  • Textbooks
  • Non-circulating reference materials or one of a kind items
  • Items available at our library, including items which have holds or are on loan (exception: book club books or items designated as long overdue, missing or lost.)

Arrival Time

Arrival time of materials cannot be guaranteed. Most in-state materials are usually obtained within two weeks. It may be possible to acquire materials out of state; however, it may take six to eight weeks. The Clearview Library District staff does not control from which library the materials will come.


Patrons will be notified within two days of requesting an item if the item cannot be located or borrowed. Patrons will be notified within twenty-four hours when requested materials have arrived. Notification will be made by automated phone call or e-mail. Materials will be kept on the hold shelf for five days from the arrival date. Items not picked up within five days will be returned to the lending library and may not be reordered for 30 days.


Interlibrary Loan is free of charge unless a postage fee is assessed or the lending library assesses a charge. Patrons will be charged a $5.00 non-refundable fee per request for out-of state materials. This charge must be paid before a request will be submitted. There is no guarantee the items can be located or borrowed. The library will pay the return postage to send back materials. Patrons will be notified of any additional charges before requests are submitted.

Loan Period and Renewal

The check out period of an Interlibrary Loan is generally three weeks. Interlibrary Loans may not be renewed. A $.25 a per day item charge will be assessed on overdue materials. Interlibrary Loans must be returned to the Clearview Library District by the due date.

Lost Book Replacement Fees

Lost and damaged materials are the financial responsibility of the user. An item is considered lost if it is fourteen days overdue. The lending library will determine the cost of the item, which will be charged to a patron’s account.

Interlibrary Loan & Copyright Compliance

All Interlibrary Loan requests are subject to the Colorado Interlibrary Loan Code, the National Interlibrary Loan Code, and U.S. Copyright Law.

Revocation of Privileges

Noncompliance with the Interlibrary Loan Policy and Procedures can result in the revocation of Interlibrary Loan services.