Library Foundation

Library Foundation

The Library Foundation provides financial support for the library in meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse and rapidly growing population. Board terms are three years and a member may serve two terms. If you would like to apply click here for the application. Background Windsor’s library was established in 1906. Through the years it has had various homes but in the 1960s built a facility of its own on 5th Street.The library existed on a budget of $26,000 in the mid-80s, $8,000 coming from the federal government. This funding was due to discontinue and the library board needed to investigate a stable funding source. At that time library law allowed two taxing districts to pass a resolution that would form a library district.

In the summer of 1986, the Windsor Town Board and Weld Re-4 School District (Windsor) passed a joint resolution forming the Windsor-Severance Library District and set a mill levy that generated $90,000 annually. The library board hired a degreed librarian who computerized the library and built a book collection that better served Windsor patrons. Windsor’s library enjoyed a renaissance!

In the early 2000s finances again seemed vulnerable and the board formed a foundation to hold donations and fund raising monies for the library. Its purpose was to create an endowment fund that would generate income for the library for programs and wants that went beyond what tax monies could provide. Most of the endowment is for long range needs and a percentage is dedicated to short term projects such as the Read and Grow program.

The foundation board also supports art, culture and programming. It sponsors the twice yearly book sales and receives most of its funding from them. If you are interested in donating materials for the book sale, please read our Material Donation Policy. The book sale proceeds are added to the fund. Other fund raising projects are being considered. Donations are always welcome as are volunteers for the book sales and fund raisers.

Foundation members are Carol Heinkel (chairman), Patty Pike (co-chairman), Debbie Lindahl (treasurer), Francy Henderson (secretary), Louis Beard, Bev Reule, Scott Ballstadt, Sarah Moore and Cornelia Davis. How the Foundation Helps

  • Established an Endowment Fund to support long-term needs of the library.
  • Supports specific projects identified by the Library Board of Directors.
  • Encourages private contributions to fund programs and services beyond those which are supported by public funding.
  • Provides a vehicle for tax-deductible contributions through a 501C(3) nonprofit, tax exempt organization.
  • Provides investment flexibility and potentially higher growth rates for donations than the library itself is able to generate.

Methods of Giving The library Foundation accepts both unrestricted and restricted gifts (given for a specific use). Gifts can be either immediate or deferred, including the following…

  • Cash

A gift paid by cash or check.

  • Tangible Personal Property

Tangible personal property, such as works of art, jewelry, rare books, antiques, or other prized possessions that have appreciated substantially in value, can make a satisfying charitable gift to the Library Foundation.

  • Securities

These include corporate stocks and bonds, bonds issued by the U.S. Government or its agencies, or shares of mutual funds. It will often be to your advantage to donate appreciated securities that have been held for more than twelve months. By donating securities held long term, you completely avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation and receive a charitable deduction for the full air market value of your contribution.

  • Real Estate

Farm, business, investment, and personal residence can provide significant tax benefits if properly used as gift vehicles. It will often be to your advantage to donate appreciated land or capital assets that have held for more than twelve months. By donating real estate held long term, you completely avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation and receive a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of your contribution.

  • Retirement Plan Assets

Naming the Library Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement assets is an important way to fund charitable gifts at death. Pension plans, profit sharing plans, 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) are subject to both income taxation and estate taxation at death if the assets are left to your heirs. When a retirement plan asset is properly designated for charity, both income and estate taxes are eliminated, and a meaningful and lasting gift has been made to the Library Foundation.

  • Certificates of Deposit

CDs can be assigned to the Library Foundation through a POD (Payable on Death) designation or assigned to the Foundation prior to maturity of the certificate.

  • Insurance Policies

The Library Foundation can be named as a contingent beneficiary on paid up policies. Fully paid policies can be assigned to the Foundation, and new policies can be purchased, naming the Foundation as owner and beneficiary.

We encourage you to consider the form of your gift carefully and to consult with your attorney or accountant before making your contribution.[/expand] Board of Directors Scott Ballstadt – Vice President
Term expires: 6/1/16

Louis Beard – President
970- 686-2310
Term expires: 6/1/16
Cornelia Davis
Term expires: 6/1/15
Kelly Hall – Secretary
970-686-5592 (for faster results:
Term expires: 6/1/16
Francy Henderson
970- 686-1054, (cell) 970-214-1475
Term expires: 6/1/17

Debbie Lindahl – Treasurer
Term expires: 6/1/15
Sarah Moore
Term expires: 6/1/15

Patty Pike
Term expires: 6/1/16

Scott Wildman
970-686-2213, (cell) 970-488-0010 (for faster results:
Term expires: 6/1/17

Carol Heinkel [Book Sale Committee – non –voting member]