Library Board

The Clearview Library District is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees that sets policy, oversees finances, and hires a library director to handle the operation of the library district. Board members are appointed, with the approval of the school board and town board, to serve three year terms with a limit of two consecutive terms. Trustees must reside within the library district that shares the same boundaries as the Weld Re4 school district.

The Clearview Library District is a special district not financially connected with any other library, school, or town. Each year the approved mill levy supported by property taxes is certified by the director to Weld County, Colorado. The library district consists of one main library and a mobile branch, serving the towns of Windsor, Severance, and a section of Greeley. The mobile branch, Clearview Mobile Library, has scheduled stops throughout the district.

The library board meets the last Thursday of every month at 5:30 p.m.

If you would like to become a board member, download the application here.

Board Members

Joann Perko – President
Term expires: 2014, 1st term

Bev Menke – Vice President
970.686.6827 – home
970.214.7490 – cell
Term expires: 2014, 1st term

Brooke Payne – Treasurer
Term expires: 2015, 1st term

Katie Scherer
Term expires: 2016, 1st term

Ian Whittington
Term expires: 2016, 1st term

Tempy Bowman – RE-4 School District Representative
970.686.0228 – home
970.214.2872 – cell
Appointed by RE-4 School District
Term expires: 2014, 1st term

Jeremy Rose – Town Board Representative
Term expires: 2016

Tim Reichel – Liaison, Town of Severance
Term expires 2014, 1st term

Ann Kling – Director
970.686.5603 ex 302
970.686.2502 – Fax